Ein Gespräch stiften (“Starting a Conversation”) on WDR 3

In the series “Starting a Conversation” Kunststiftung NRW examines timeless questions in contemporary contexts. This year it focusses on the function and functionalisation of art for purposes other than its own. The  debate which took part on Wednesday, 22nd June at 18 h, with a young artist and a professor debating the conflicting tensions exerted on art by aesthetics, the market and society with Peter Grabowski, was broadcasted on WDR 3 on Sunday, 18th September at 7 p.m.

Vera Drebusch, Prize Winner of the State of NRW Development Prize for Young Artists 2015

Prof. Barbara Welzel, Professor of Art History at TU Dortmund

Prof. Kurt Mehnert, Rector of the Folkwang University of the Arts and

Prof. Reinhart von Gutzeit, Chair of the Advisory Council of Arts Universities in North Rhine-Westphalia

talked at the Haus der Stiftungen in NRW, Roßstr. 133, 40476 Düsseldorf about how new generations of artists are prepared for changing demands made of and roles ascribed to artists. The discussion is chaired by Peter Grabowski, the cultural-political reporter.

Peter Grabowski

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